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Welcome to the Tech Services Help Desk! If you're new to the system, watch this video.
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Technology Help Desk Tutorial
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The Tech Services Help Desk is the place to submit all requests or issue tickets to the Tech Services department.

To get to the Help Desk, go to the employee tab in mySiskiyous, scroll down to the Technology box on the left, then click Help Desk Request. Alternatively, you can go to


Log in using the link in the upper right corner. You should be signed in through mySiskiyous, but if it asks you to log in, use your usual mySiskiyous username and password.


This takes you to your ticket page, where you can see all your current and past tickets. If you have more than 20 tickets, you can click the arrows in the upper right corner to page through the tickets.


There are different filters on the left that you can click to see your tickets sorted by status or category. If you select "All Tickets", you'll see every ticket you've ever created. If you only want to see your active tickets, click "Pending Tickets".


You can sort your tickets in various ways by clicking the sort filter in the upper right. The most useful sorting will be to sort tickets by "Last Updated - Recent to Oldest".


To submit a new ticket, click the link in the upper right.

Select your category.

The Client Services category covers requests or issues pertaining to services like computer workstations, classrooms or labs, printing, and phones.


The Enterprise Application Services category covers requests or issues pertaining to databases and software supporting College-wide business processes such as Banner, Argos, Evisions, or Degree Works.


Select a ticket type. This will be either an Issue, a Service Request, or an Initiative. If there is a problem with a service that needs to be resolved, select "Issue". If you have a request for a service listed in the Technology Services Catalog, select "Service Request". An Initiative is a request that's more than a standard Service Request due to its size and/or complexity, but is not significant enough to require formal project management.


Select the best way for you to be reached. We prefer to communicate through Help Desk replies in order to centralize information for all our staff, but we can also communicate through phone or Zoom calls or other methods as necessary. If you select one of the phone options, make sure to include your extension or full personal phone number including area code.


If a ticket is regarding a specific location on one of our campuses, or if it's an issue directly related to telecommuting, please indicate in the campus field. If the ticket isn't specific to a location, you can leave it as the default "Not Specified".


The subject line should be roughly 5-7 words summarizing your ticket, such as "Student Services Printer Jammed" or "Banner Permissions for <a certain user>". If the system automatically detects that your ticket may be covered under a prewritten Knowledge Base article, it will suggest it to you. The Knowledge Base will be covered at the end of this video.


You can enter all the details and specifics within the message field. You can also copy and paste screenshots directly into the message field without having to save the screenshots as files.


If anyone else needs to be aware of the communications on this ticket, you can add someone's email to CC them.


If you need to attach any files, you can do so by either dragging and dropping the file into the file box or browsing your folders to attach files.


The last step is to select the priority for your ticket and click "Create Ticket".


This will take you to your ticket, where you can see specifics such as which agent is assigned to your ticket. Any communications will be shown in the Updates section. If you need to add something to your ticket, click "Reply" in the bottom left to add a new message. You can attach files by clicking the paper clip icon in the top bar.


Once you're done looking at this ticket, you can click "Back To Tickets" in the upper left.


The Knowledge Base, which contains different articles we have created that cover common questions and issues, can be accessed using the link in the upper right. Here, you can browse articles on topics such as how to sync your work email to your personal phone. We periodically update these articles and add new ones.

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